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While you find out more about fraternity and sorority life, you’ll would like to get knowledgeable about these commonly used terms.

A part that has been initiated into lifelong fraternity or sorority account and participates in chapter tasks during the collegiate degree.

Initiated sorority or fraternity people who possess finished from university.

The pin of an initiated user.

A invitation that is formal account in a certain fraternity or sorority.

Big Brother or Sister

A working person in a fraternity or sorority whom functions as a mentor to a participant, directing her or him through the brand new user system and initiation.

A phrase utilized by fraternity people to mention one to the other.

Audible noises utilized by users to acknowledge or gain the eye of other users. Telephone telephone telephone Calls can vary greatly regionally within businesses, plus some businesses might use one or more call.

A nearby band of the more expensive (inter)national company, designated by a unique Greek title.

Exactly like being initiated. The expression means various things to various teams, but generally means crossing over from being a pledge to being a complete user. Many groups record this right time for you the 2nd. Term additionally refers to “Crossing the Burning Sands.”

The membership educator, quick for Dean Of Pledges, is an old term that the groups still utilize. ADOP/ADP is the assistant dean.

Term utilized to a member that is activeie. somebody having to pay dues).

The main company of the specific fraternity or sorority. Also known as nationwide Headquarters, Global Headquarters, or perhaps Nationals.

A phrase used to reference another known person in their fraternity. They generally shall make reference to someone as just Frat.

The title that is applicable to any or all Greek companies described as a ritual, badge and strong ties to relationship and principles that are moral. Informally, ladies’ fraternities are known as sororities.

The graduate chapter of NPHC or Multicultural company. Frequently the regional grad chapter oversees the operations regarding the chapter that is undergraduate.

Any person in A greek-letter company.

Utilized to identify people in the organization that is same. Many have a deep meaning to that particular organization or ritualistic sign.

Recruitment event for culturally based teams.

Any member that has finished the member that is new and contains been through the initiation ceremony.

The formal ceremony that marks the start of active account. Each chapter possesses set that is like fetlife different of to become initiated.

The method chapters conduct to recruit, interview, select, and teach brand new people.

Title of a possible fellow member whom the group understands is interested. Often these pupils will band together and form a pastime team.

A pendant by having a fraternity or sorority’s Greek letters about it.

The sister or brother, kid, or grandson or granddaughter of the fraternity or sorority user. Each (inter)national company has its very own policy regarding legacies.

The title provided to a pledge course. Some teams range their lines by Greek Letters (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc.) but might have a descriptive name as well this is certainly particular to faculties associated with the team.

The users of a social Greek company fellow member course.

The shared selection procedure that potential people and chapter people proceed through throughout the recruitment duration to arrive at understand the other person.

National Association of Latin Fraternal Organizations (NALFO)

The representative human anatomy regulating historically Latino/Latina Greek Letter companies.

Neophyte (aka “Neo”)

An innovative new person in a social greek company.

Fellow member Presentation (aka Rollout, Probate)

An official presentation of the brand new line to campus. Often carried out in a general public forum after people have now been initiated.

Fellow Member System

A time period of studying fraternity and sorority life ahead of initiation. This era differs for several teams.

Fellow Member Launch

To end a person’s fraternity or sorority account before initiation.

An associate of the sorority or fraternity that has perhaps not been initiated.

NIC (Us Interfraternity Conference)

Regulating human anatomy for 72 nationwide user males’s fraternities and alumni associations.

NPC (Nationwide Panhellenic Conference)

The umbrella company for 26 ladies’ fraternities. NPC supports its chapters by marketing values, training, leadership, relationship, cooperation, and citizenship.

NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council)

A nationwide organization composed of four sororities and five fraternities whoever account is historically African-American.

The amount you might be assigned based on the chronological order you’re in in your initiation line (frequently people of other culturally based businesses identify or relate solely to the other person by identifying that they’re the “same” number).

Quick for paraphernalia. The various components of Greek clothing or products some body is using.

A charitable fundraiser or solution task sponsored by way of a fraternity or sorority.

A ritual ceremony that designates the beginning of a fellow member procedure.

Prospective Fellow Member (PNM)

a scholar that is enthusiastic about joining a Greek Organization and it is getting involved in the recruitment process.

A potential new member determines which particular sorority she is willing to join during the last part of Panhellenic sorority recruitment. The possible brand new member lists three sororities inside her purchase of choice.

Term utilized to an adult brother/sister from your own chapter.

The number that is specified of brand brand new users to which each sorority may expand a bid.

A Panhellenic sorority user who may have temporarily disaffiliated from her chapter during formal account recruitment. She actually is particularly taught to assist prospective members that are new respond to any concerns they might have about sorority account.

Sands (aka Parallel)

An associate of one’s company or any other culturally based company which was initiated during the exact same time you had been.

A phrase utilized by sorority members to mention one to the other.

A get-together occasion with another Greek company.

Term utilized to a sis in a NPHC or Multicultural company.

A historically black colored tradition characterized by synchronized hand base motions, along side singing, dancing, chanting, and acting. Numerous Latino/Latina and Multicultural teams participate in stepping aswell.

Stroll (aka Party Walk, Party Hop)

A line dance carried out by people of cultural Greek organizations; frequently done at party or move show.

The necklace that is large with big Greek letters in it. Comparable to a lavaliere but much bigger and frequently made from lumber.

Complete could be the chapter that is allowable, including both brand brand brand new and initiated people, as decided by the Panhellenic Council.

The expression utilized to refer to your campus that is particular college a chapter are at.

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