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This Archaeological Survey of Ireland dataset is posted through the database associated with nationwide Monuments Service Sites and Monuments Record (SMR). This dataset can also be interrogated and viewed through the on line Historic Environment Viewer. This data has been released for download as Open Data beneath the DPER Open information Strategy and it is certified for re-use underneath the imaginative Commons Attribution 4.0 Global licence.

The Archaeological Survey of Ireland (ASI) has focused on recording monuments dating from before AD 1700, along with more recent sites selected according to their interest or merit since its inception. A Sites and Monuments Record (SMR) ended up being given for many counties when you look at the State. The SMR is a manual containing a numbered directory of all particular and feasible monuments associated with 6-inch Ordnance Survey maps (at a low scale). An Urban Archaeology Survey ended up being finished and included reports on historic towns dating to before advertising 1700 by having a view to delineating areas of archaeological potential. Both the SMR as well as the Urban Archaeological Survey reports were given to all or any planning authorities. The SMR formed the foundation for issuing the Record of Monuments and Places (RMP) – the list that is statutory of monuments established under area 12 for the National Monuments (Amendment) Act. The RMP ended up being granted for every single county in a comparable structure to the present SMR. But, the RMP differs through the early in the day listings for the reason that, as defined when you look at the Act, just monuments with known locations or places where you will find thought to be monuments are included. The large archive and supporting database are handled by the nationwide Monuments provider additionally the documents are continually updated and supplemented as extra monuments are found.

Please be aware that the centre point of every record isn’t indicative for the extent that is geographic of monument. The point that is existing had been digitised general into the OSI 6-inch mapping as well as the move with this older IG-referenced series into the larger-scale ITM mapping will necessitate revisions. The precision of this derived ITM co-ordinates is restricted into the OS scale that is 6-inch mistakes may ensue if the user blackcupid use the co-ordinates to bigger scale maps. Documents which do not make reference to ‘monuments’ are designated ‘Redundant record’ and are also retained within the archive while they might relate with features which were as soon as regarded as being monuments but which on investigation shown otherwise. Redundant documents may additionally relate to replicate documents or mistakes into the information framework for the Archaeological Survey of Ireland.

This dataset is given to re-use in many methods together with technical choices are outlined below. For the reside and current view for the data, please utilize the internet solutions or perhaps the information extract tool into the Historic Environment Viewer. The nationwide Monuments provider provide an Open information snapshot of the dataset that is national in as a bulk information download. Users should consult the nationwide Monument provider site for more info and help with the nationwide Monument Act(s) additionally the appropriate need for this dataset.

Open Information Bulk Information Install (version date)

Web sites and Monuments Record (SMR) is supplied as a download that is national Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. This structure can easily be incorporated into a true amount of computer pc computer software consumers for re-use and analysis. The Longitude and Latitude coordinates may also be supplied to assist its re-use in internet mapping systems, nonetheless, the ITM easting/northings coordinates should always be quoted for formal purposes. For the reside and current view associated with the data, please make use of the internet solutions or perhaps the information extract tool when you look at the Historic Environment Viewer. Internet Solutions

For users with access to GIS software please be aware that the Archaeological Survey of Ireland information is additionally available as being a data that are spatial solution. By consuming and accessing the internet solution users are considered to possess accepted the conditions and terms. The web-service will come in the platforms as well as the Address endpoints promoted below:

OGC Online Map Provider:

ArcGIS SLEEP Online solution:

Historic Environment Viewer – Download Export Tool

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