Purchasing a residence is just a deal that is big. And you’re a deal that is big us.

In the event that you’ve discovered very first house, our First-Time Homebuyer Program provides you with the information, self-confidence, and help everyone needs. In the event that you’ve done it prior to, you’ll appreciate Navigant’s style: agile, responsive, and able to make your home loan procedure a straightforward experience.

As with any major transaction that is financialalso it’s difficult to think of a more crucial one than your property), exactly how we all come together issues. Our vow: we’ll always react quickly to your concerns, dilemmas, and due dates. Sometimes all of us people may require you to definitely respond quickly, too. Many Thanks in advance – and let’s go!

Today get started. Here’s how it functions.

This first faltering step establishes your allowance, letting you know just how much house it is possible to manage. We look at your credit, confirm your documents, and approve an amount that is specific loan system centered on your earnings and debts.

Navigant Credit Union will get a credit history that shows your credit rating and credit rating as reported by 3rd parties and respected organizations. To find out more about credit ratings and reports, click the link. Before we do and correcting any mistakes if you haven’t seen your own credit report for a while, consider pulling it. Ensure you get your free credit file here.

When you find a house you like and also make an offer, your mortgage pre-approval makes the vendor confident about accepting it – and might even place it in front of other, greater offers which are not pre-approved.


Your home loan application will require information from a few papers. Just click here to down load A pdf that is printable of complete variety of necessary documents.

Whenever you’ve discovered your house, interact with certainly one of our home loan professionals. He/she will need you through the various loan choices, allow you to choose one that’s right for you personally, and review the documents you’ll need certainly to finalize the job.

When you provide us the desired information (see below) we’ll produce the mortgage Estimate.


Here’s the home information you’ll need certainly to offer on your own application for the loan. Your estate that is real agent be helpful in collecting a few of it.

  • Street target
  • Anticipated product sales cost
  • Kind of home (solitary household residence, condo, etc.)
  • Measurements of home
  • Real-estate fees (annual)
  • Homeowners Insurance Coverage
  • Homeowner’s relationship dues (HOA) – for Condo’s
  • Estimated closing date

Account with Navigant Credit Union is necessary for all of us to process your loan request. If you’re maybe not a part yet, just click here to now open an account.

Navigant Credit Union will arrange a handoff that is seamless your home loan expert to a single of our Loan Processors. She or he gathers the documentation that is necessary assembles a whole package when it comes to underwriter.


A property inspection (if required), and orders a property appraisal and title search at this stage, Navigant pulls your credit report (if we haven’t already for a pre-approval), verifies your employment and bank deposits, orders.

Click on this link to down load A pdf that is printable of complete a number of necessary documents.

The underwriter is a team that is key, making certain you match certain requirements regarding the loan item that you can used. ( For instance, if you’re finding a VA loan, the underwriter will confirm your service this is certainly military.

The interest rate for your loan is locked and can’t change after the underwriter approves your mortgage, and before the closing.


We will confirm the job and inform you if we need extra information about some of the after:

  • Completely signed P&S with all addendums/amendments
  • Adequate assets to close
  • Adequate house insurance coverage to pay for your loan quantity
  • Documentation of any debt that is additional when you sent applications for your loan
  • Fully finalized construction agreement for construction loans
  • Completed tax statements
  • Complete range of all properties owned
  • Complete range of all businesses owned
  • visit this website

  • Completed paperwork of any private mortgages

Before shutting in your home loan, you will probably receive papers required by state and federal law because well as contractual papers.

Three times prior to the closing, the right is had by you to get and review the Closing Disclosure. We also order name insurance coverage ahead of the closing to enable you to walk out of the closing utilizing the secrets to your brand-new house.


Check up on your closing costs. The closing costs either electronically or via cashier’s check if closing costs are not rolled into your mortgage, talk to your loan officer about how you’ll transfer.

Closing expenses include settlement costs (the price of doing the mortgage) plus any prepaid expenses such as taxes and insurance coverage place in an escrow account.

maybe Not all mortgages have an escrow account. Then you’ll be paying your property taxes and homeowners insurance directly if your mortgage loan does not have an escrow account. You can easily decide if you want us to escrow for insurance and/or fees. Escrow is necessary in the event that loan to value ratio is more than 80%.

It’s time for you signal a collection of documents and complete your transaction. If everyone involved knows the terms in addition to papers they’ll be signing, the closing itself is going quickly.


  • Two formal types of recognition such as for instance a motorist’s license and passport.
  • Your checkbook for “cash to shut” and any tiny variations in the estimated balance owed together with last quantity.
  • If house insurance coverage evidence continues to be outstanding (it should not be), a binder that presents coverage that is sufficient.

We’re ready whenever you are.

Thank you for your fascination with funding your home that is new with Credit Union. We now have a process that is efficient beginning to end, specialists to help you, so we all work to surpass your objectives.

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