REAP Analytics: “Reddit’s “Female Dating Strategy” is just a Breeding Ground for Female Supremacists”

REAP Analytic’s suite of cutting-edge tools unambiguously shows that Female Dating Strategy is an online reproduction ground for feminine Supremacists.”

LONDON, GREAT BRITAIN — REAP Analytics is a nimble, distributed Team completely funded through Donations and Sponsorships. REAPРІР‚в„ўs formal mission declaration is always to “Track, Observe, Analyze and Report” Female Supremacy on line.

You want to allow it to be definitely clear that everything we are monitoring and reporting just isn’t Feminism, which may be quite refined and high in nuances. We look for and Report Hate Speech and Eugenism, Hatred based on Identity, calls to abort Male Babies just, demands Violence against guys, Transgender Persons, Male young ones and Male children.

Lukas Merville, REAP Founder and CTO, has created an algorithm that is simple their group affectionately baptised post-hoc Brother Eye”. Brother Eye scans and logs objectionable content posted online. A community which offers dating advice to Women for the time being, Brother Eye scans Reddit exclusively and more specifically Female Dating Strategy”.

Feminine Dating Strategy is just a vivid exemplory instance of just how effortlessly smart, extremely educated social networking users may be radicalized unbeknownst in their mind.

The information REAP has gathered should raise an eyebrows that are few. The Female Dating Strategy community promotes the scene lovestruck that ladies are superior in all respects, the need of Eugenism, that killing males is a Duty, that 99% of males are No Value Males (NVM) or Low-Value Males (LVM) and that aborting male infants, and male children just is desirable.

That which we have observed in this community is actually a breach of RedditРІР‚в„ўs very own content guidelines. Are these views Reddit aids? Reddit Leadership must certanly be livid. Is Reddit an inclusive room it only PR as we have been led to believe or was?

Lukas continues with a few examples:

Consumer mm188 states: “We must eliminate males through the gene pool on a worldwide degree.

Consumer Orphanedpinkpetals claims: anybody who doesn’t always have a XX is disabled.

Consumer 7_of_9 urges to “Abort men instantly.

Consumer _pecanpie_ calls to Castrate All Males.

Consumer Fim_de_semana claims: holding kid means holding a bit of a person, and guys are disgusting.

Consumer Chateauduchat states that NVM (No Value Males) and LVM (Low Value Males) probably compensate 99% associated with the populace.

Saturnsloverr writes that “99% of males are LV (Low-Value) maybe perhaps maybe not HV (High-Value).

Consumer An0nny is adamant that “99.9% of Men are Monsters.

REAPРІР‚в„ўs suite of analysis tools unambiguously demonstrates that “Female Dating Strategy is an on-line reproduction ground for feminine Supremacists. Unsuspecting Females are onboarded by radicalized moderators and their journey along the bunny gap of Hatred and Nihilism starts instantly, due to the fact Supremacist Mindset is baked when you look at the guidelines published by the moderators on their own, and it is constantly strengthened and rewarded because of the behavior of other users that are radicalized. You will find people who will not be radicalized: they have been labeled “self-hating ladies” and pickmeishas.

“How is radicalizing ladies with a Supremacist mind-set suitable for Female Dating Strategy’s formal objective declaration which can be to supply dating advice?

Lukas describes that REAP has additionally logged numerous cases of Kill All guys, a not too call that is subtle action and mention of the Valeria SolanasРІР‚в„ў infamous SCUM Manifesto, that is mandatory reading product on particular Universities in the usa:

This laugh – Kill All Males – is a slim veil of humour something that is coating and profoundly primal and brutal, which we collectively will not acknowledge, possibly since it is “only” women joking.

Just what exactly may be the solution? REAP Analytics includes a few responses.

“On the foundation regarding the proof we know today that there is strong bias in Reddit’s enforcement of its own content rules that we have been able to collect so far, and it’s extensive. REAP suggests making individuals far more responsible for whatever they say on line. Force KYC (Know Your Consumer) in high-risk subreddits, such as for example Female Dating Strategy or Pink Pill Feminism, another community that people monitor. Automate content guidelines site-wide, don’t just leave it to people to choose if they will enforce these guidelines: we understand that the feminine Supremacist mind-set flourishes through actions and omissions. Implement GPT2 or GPT3 to quickly identify and mitigate the possibility of radicalization. They are perhaps maybe maybe perhaps not costly solutions, as well as could be implemented rapidly when there is a might to complete so”

Lukas Merville REAP Analytics e-mail us here

REAP Analytics: “Reddit.comРІР‚в„ўs “Female Dating Strategy” is really a Breeding Ground for Female Supremacists”

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